Wednesday, November 27, 2013


So one day I went to segregation to see a prisoner for a hearing on an Assault or Threatening Behavior misconduct report.  The prisoner was very verbal, very animated, very irritated.  He spoke in a very agitated manner.  I conducted the hearing, listened to him, reviewed all the evidence presented, and found him guilty of the charge.  He exploded.  He started threatening me, and telling me he was going to get me, that we were inextricably bound together now, that he would never leave me a long, he would beat me down, slit my throat, on and on.  Finally, he said "I'm going to tattoo Chicago on your asshole, 'cause that's my nickname, Chicago!"   Hearing officers don't normally write misconduct reports, unless they involve assaults or threats like these.  So I had to write him up.  Sgt. K had to review the report with the prisoner and asked me to stand by as he read to himself.  When he got to the part about the tattoo, he started laughing.  Then he read it out loud to everyone around him and me.  They started laughing.  My hearing investigator, Chris, brings up "Chicago" to this day.  It was truly the most colorful comment any prisoner ever made to me.