Friday, November 15, 2013

So my friend Pat commented on my Health post that she had been threatened by an officer who tried to smuggle drugs into a facility.
I had a hearing at Huron Valley one time on a prisoner who managed to get out of his locked cell and stroll up and down the "rock" at will briefly.  It turns out the officers who wrote him up were not the first ones to observe his behavior.  He had done the same thing a few other times within the last few weeks prior the incident leading to the hearing.  I asked questions about why these reporting officers had been unaware of the prior incidents.  My hearing investigator informed me that first and second shift were "beefing" over some work issues.  I was floored.  This prisoner had a history of officer assaults.  I could not believe that some staff would expose other staff to risk of serious physical injury just because of some argument over work stuff.  I had not been at Huron Valley that long, but I had worked at Gus Harrison/Parr Highway in Adrian for 16 years and had never heard of anything like this.  I am happy to say I never felt that I was personally at risk.   Although a few prisoners acted out in the hearing room, the officers addressed the situation efficiently.