Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blogging about the prisoner who liked to belly bump made me think of another prisoner who did that.  He was also a tiny short guy.  He thought of himself as a white supremacist.  Actually he was an idiot.  He decided one day he had to prove he was a superior white man, so started harassing and bullying a black prisoner.  He refused to leave the guy alone.  He got up in the black prisoner's face and belly bumped him, which finally provoked the black prisoner into pushing him away.  The officer saw what happened and went into the day room and told both of them to just go to their cells.  Well, dumb ass white supremacist couldn't leave it alone.  When the unit went to chow, he complained to Sgt. K that the black guy had assaulted him.  He said the unit officer refused to write the black guy up.  The officer kind of did violated policy.  The disciplinary policy says that if any staff person witnesses a non-bond charge (anything that requires to prisoner to be locked up in segregation pending hearing, fights, assaults, possession of weapons, etc.), a misconduct report MUST be written.  Technically what the officer witnessed did fit the definition of fighting under department policy.  So Sgt. K. talks to the unit officer and orders him to write fighting misconduct reports on both prisoners.  I had to find both of them guilty, since there is no provocation defense for fighting.  But if Mr. Brilliant white guy had just kept his mouth shut, everyone would have been better off.  The unit officer knew that.