Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blogging about the guy who tried to relieve his sexual frustration with a plastic bottle got me thinking about inflation.  My car has been sending me a message for a few days now that my tire pressure is low.  I always ask my wonderful grandson Michael to take care of things like this for me.  I think the change in weather causes this message to show up, you know.  When things get cold they tend to contract.  Air included.  So the tires have less pressure.  Then I started thinking, maybe if I put ice packs on my butt it would contract.  Probably not.  I'd probably just end up with freezer burn on my butt.  Then I started thinking that girls with tiny boobies could blow hot air on them with a hair drier and the tiny boobies would expand.  Probably not.  They would probably just end up with wind-burned tiny boobies.  Not attractive.
This post doesn't have anything to do with prison, or grandchildren.  It's just an example of what happens to a normal person's mind when you work in corrections for too long.