Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bell Ringing

Well, I did my first shift bell ringing for the Salvation Army last night, from 7-9 pm at Kroger.  As usual it was entertaining.  One family gave their little boy, about five years old, money to put in the kettle.  As he approached, he had his tongue out the side of his mouth.  He was concentrating on getting the money in the kettle.  It was pretty full since it had been there since nine o'clock.  But I was thinking, "Geez, he's only five and he's imitating Miley Cyrus?"
Then another boy, about ten, came up and put money in.  We always give the kids a piece of candy.  So I offered him an Almond Joy.  He said, "I don't like that kind."  So I put it back in my pocket and offered him a Reese's Peanut Butter cup.  He said, "I don't like those either."  Back in the pocket.  Before I offered him anything else, I asked if he liked Hershey's Kisses.  He said yeah.  So I gave him a couple of those.  But dang, he's a candy gourmet at age ten?
The kettle was set up right next to boxes of Halloween candy that was marked down 75%.  Some young people came out of the store with one of the girls who works there.  They were pawing through the candy.  One of the guys said, "It's nice they put it out here where it's easy to steal."  I was eavesdropping of course.  So I said, "Actually, this bell-ringing gig is just a ruse.  I'm the candy guard, and if you take any, you will be in big trouble.  Unless, of course, you give me money.  Then you can take all you want."  Another guy asked how much a bag was going for.  Then they went into the store and paid for the candy, gave me the change on the way out.
Great start to my bell ringing for this year!