Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Health issues 1

So I haven't been feeling so great the last few days.  Fatigue, weakness in my legs, stiffness, some pain, not excruciating.  I'm thinking about calling my neurologist to ask for some 'roids.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1992, two and a half years after the Department of Corrections hired me.  The diagnosis frightened me a bit, but I felt extreme gratitude for my health insurance.  Six months later, during one of the state's periodic political shake-ups, I got laid off.  The lay-off lasted for a year, then I got called back.  That frightened me even more, although I still had good health insurance through my husband.
After my diagnosis in 1992, I experienced a few exacerbations  over the years.  Once my right leg stopped working,  I could stand up on it, but I couldn't walk.  No coordination at all in that leg.  I didn't panic.  I finished my work day, but I had to hang on someone's arm to limp from one place to another.  Sometimes it was an officer, which caused me some concern over appearances.  The physical contact with the officer might give the appearance of too much closeness.  Prisoners are astute at picking up any hint of bias on the part of hearing officers. Then I decided it wasn't than different from asking for an escort for my personal safety.
Another time, I lost coordination in my left hand.  It became obvious when my sentences came out looking like they were written in Polish, you know, one vowel to every twelve consonants.  I had one other flare-up in my other leg.  I think that was it.  My other "medical vacations"  were for non-MS injuries.  Slipping in the bathtub resulting in a broken ankle; I was disabled longer with that than any MS thing.  A trick finger, I think that's what it was called.  It would not unbend when bent, it would not bend when straight.  Since it was my right hand, I couldn't do type my hearing reports.  I had t have surgery but I had to be off work for a couple of weeks for it to heal.  So I decided I would heal much faster in Macon, Georgia where my sister and brother-in-law lived at the time.  It worked!
I always felt safe in the prison, no matter my physical infirmities.   The vigilantly guarded my safety.  I am eternally greatful for that.