Sunday, October 20, 2013

Well, I am grieving last night's loss by our beloved Tigers to Boston.  We really needed Cabrera to be 100%, which he hasn't been due to injury.  Fielder is somewhere else, at least his bat was not in the game.  Martinez was the only reliable hitter in the series.  It was good to see the line-up change wake up Austin Jackson, but it was a little late.  Poor Alex Avila probably thought he should have signed up with the NFL instead of major league baseball.  Finally, from this amateur's seat, the bullpen looked pretty weak.
So speaking of the NFL, I am watching Lions. ( That Matthew Stafford is pretty darn cute! )  They just recovered a fumble, and Suh ran into the end zone, but there was a flag on the play.  Bummer.
Guys used to gamble a lot on football in the prison. One of the inspectors, Ms. D., told me right off that guys were gonna gamble.  There was no point in trying to eliminate it.  Her goal was to just keep it under control so it did not become a security issue. She had a lot more years in that I did so I always kept her advice in mind.  Betting for anything of value in the prison system is a major misconduct.  I used to do a lot of hearing around Super Bowl time, and basketball play off times.  Not so much on baseball or hockey.  Of course, there were always the Threatening Behavior and Assault misconducts resulting from losers who could not pay their bets.  That's the main reason gambling was prohibited in the first place, in my humble opinion.  On the other hand, it could be that the rule writers were just puritanical.  Maybe both.  I had one guy come in with a gambling misconduct.  He readily admitted that he was guilty.  He asked for mercy, citing his lack of any prior misconduct.  He only wanted one thing, he wanted his punishment to start on a Tuesday rather than a Monday.  He said he had a really important phone call to make on Monday.  I asked him, "Who do you have to call?  Your bookie?"  The officer in the room started cracking up, so did I.  When the prisoner realized I was joking, he started cracking up too.  I started his sanction on Tuesday.   Gotta give a guy a break sometimes.