Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So I guess I should give a little background about the name of this blog.  I was hired by the Michigan Department of Corrections to conduct hearings on prisoners charged with major misconduct rule violations.  So I went to prison, but not to serve a sentence.  I got to go home after eight ( or nine or ten hours.  I once worked sixteen hours, punched in at 8 AM on first shift.  Punched out at 10 PM with second shift.  It was after a riot, oops, I mean disturbance. Naturally, the riot, oops, I mean disturbance, generated an unusually large number of misconduct reports.  We were instructed not to call it riots, riots. )  Anyway, I worked at this job for almost 20 years.  I was a gramma when I started, and I still am, only more so.  I am also fatter than when I started.  In a disturbing way, I really enjoyed my career working in the prison system.  I always say you have to be a really stable person, or totally insane, to survive a career unscathed in this environment.  I haven't decided yet which description applies to me.
Generally, I got along pretty well.  One day, I went back to visit my old place of employment, the UAW-Legal Services Plan office in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  One of the women there asked me how I liked working in the prison system.  I told her that it took some getting used to the prevalent use of curse words, profanity, yelling, insulting language.  I thought that was bad, but then there were the prisoners!  
When the prisoners did not like my findings at hearings, their favorite insult was FAT BITCH!  I never got mad about it, I just told them, "Well, you're half right."   Humor always worked better than anger.  I learned that early on.