Sunday, October 20, 2013

Today is Olivia's birthday.  We went over for a little party.  She crawled all over her Pop Pop.  ( My husband, whom she is trying to steal from me as my Face Book friends all know. )  She got a tiara, which is so appropriate since she is extremely girly.  I asked her to let me try it on, which she allowed.  I said it did not feel very comfortable on me.  I must not be royal enough.  She said "You're right" and took it back.  She got several Monster High dolls, and a Cinderella doll.  The next thing I know, she is removing the skirt of the Cinderella doll.  I said "Is that a Cinderella stripper doll?"  Then her dad said, "It's a Striperella doll."  Our family is really quite twisted.
Then we all had cake.  Happy Birthday Olivia.