Thursday, October 17, 2013

One of my former colleagues at Gus Harrison Corrections Facility posted things on Face Book today about going to work.  Chris posted a picture of how beautiful the sunrise was over the prison grounds property. It made me think of how the fence would glisten in the sun, like diamonds glittering in the light, after an ice storm.  Small blessings like this could get you through a bad day.
In the spring, I used to watch the Canadian geese out of the window of my hearing room.  The goslings would hatch and both mother and father geese would herd them around looking for food.  One spring, the mother had laid her eggs in a depression in the grass.  During the spring rains, the hole filled with water.  One of the eggs had still not hatched.  It was the last one, all the other goslings had been running around the yard for a couple of weeks.  The mother kept sitting on this egg, waiting for it to hatch.  The father had given up on it, and started hectoring her to get up and leave it.  She refused.  Finally, after another week or so, the egg hatched and this tiny little gosling was up and running.  It was small, and I don't know if she ever caught up with the others, but she survived.  The staff often commented that it's too bad human parents aren't as dedicated to their offspring.