Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gramma Alert!
Today I was visiting with my daughter-in-law.  They had a bunch of candy for Halloween so we ate some.  When darling little vixen Olivia got home from school, she headed straight for the candy.  She ate some, then brought me a piece.  A little later, she brought me two more pieces, and sternly instructed me to MAKE SURE I gave it to Pop Pop.  So I promised her I would give it to him.  I did so when I got home.  He was very appreciative.  I told him to make sure that he told her.

So my last post about the animal abuser got me thinking more about Special Designation hearings and other hearings regarding assault risks that result in limitation of programs to prisoners.  There was one one designation called Homosexual Predator designation.  I always disliked that term because it was too limited.  The predators who preyed of others were just sexual predators, whether homosexual or heterosexual.  Rapists of women on the outside preyed on female staff, but also younger and weaker prisoners.  The important word did not describe their sexual preference.  The operative word was predator.
I had one hearing where two prisoners were working together to harass this attractive young female officer.  She passed him some mail over the top of his door.  He kept sliding it back out under the door, trying to get her to bend over and pick it up.  He was doing this for the benefit of his pal across the hall, trying to get her to assume a submissive physical position with her back side prominently displayed to the guy.  She refused to cooperate and wrote up the prisoner for disobeying a direct order when he pushed the papers out in the hall again.  It wasn't hard at all to figure out what they were doing.  It made the guy mad that I called him on it almost immediately.  The prisoner wanting to see her butt was a rapist.  No surprise there.
I have more stories but I'm tired, so I'm going to watch TV now.