Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OK, one more sexual predator story.  This very young Hispanic prisoner was charged with a misconduct for making a false report that another prisoner was pressuring him and threatening him, trying to coerce him into a sexual relationship. He told this to one of the unit counselors.  But then he got cold feet and retracted the statement, so he was charged with Interference With Administration of Rules for lying.  I did the hearing, and as I was doing something, writing something down.  When I glanced back up at the prisoner, he had a tear drop running down his face, but he wasn't making a sound.  This kid looked like he was fourteen or fifteen years old.  I think he was actually seventeen or something, but he had been in for a year or so.  It was quite obvious to me that the kid was not lying.  He fit every criteria for a perfect victim for a sexual predator; young, slight build, cute or "pretty".  I had no doubt that he had been coerced, but his harasser obviously got to him and persuaded him to retract his statement.  I found him not guilty.