Sunday, December 22, 2013

Save the babies

My FaceBook friend RG posted Terrible Parents photo collection.  It reminded of an incident from work.  My friend Inspector D told me about a situation she faced one time.  Every day she would go sit in the chow hall at dinner time.  Prisoners would just come up and talk to her about things that were bothering them.  She listened to a lot of petty complaints and so forth, but every now and then a guy brought a really serious situation to her attention.  One day a guy told her he needed to talk to her about his kid.  She could tell he was really upset, so she told him she would call him out the next day so they could talk in private in her office.  The next day the prisoner told her that his son ( I think the boy was about eight years old ) was being abused.  The child told his dad that his mom would go out with her boyfriend and leave him with the boyfriend's brothers.  They would get drunk and use him as a punching bag, some kind of sick game they had going on.  The kid told his mom, but she just brushed him off.  Inspector D pulled the recorded phone conversation and concluded that the child was in serious trouble.  The kicker is that she had lived in the area the prisoner came from for a long time and actually knew the characters involved.  The family had a really bad reputation for drinking, carousing and general mayhem.  So Inspector D got copies of all the phone calls and called Protective Services.  She turned everything over to them and the child was taken away from the mother within a day or two.  I think they were able to place him with the prisoner's family.  He was getting out fairly soon so he could go home and be with his child.  Needless to say, his gratitude was huge.  Inspector D is such an awesome woman.