Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

This evening we went to my daughter (Tonya)and son-in-law's (Carl) house for dinner.  Tonya did a great job, everything tasted wonderful.  My grandson Lance was there with his daughter Aeva, four years old.  She is enrolled in pre-school.  I asked her if she was learning her ABC's.  She said no, then proceeded to recite them for me anyway.  She started in fine, ABCDEFG....concluded WXYZ.  I complimented her, told her she had the beginning and end down just fine, all she had to do now was work on the middle.  Then I went to use the bathroom. Tonya's place is small so I left my cane in the car.  My granddaughter Miriana helped me out walking down the hallway.  Of course Aeva had to help too, she wanted to hold my hand.  So Miriana was letting me hold her shoulder while I held Aeva's hand.  Little ones are so wonderful.  It only takes twice as long to do anything when they are helping you.  I got in to the bathroom, sat down, felt a little off-kilter so I squiggled around trying to get comfortable.  Next thing I know, I hear a cracking noise and the toilet seat slides off the toilet and bangs onto the floor.  Miriana called out, "Nanna, are you OK?"  I said yes.  Then my phone rang.  My sister is calling me from Oregon.  My older brother is there visiting her and her husband.  We planned this family phone call earlier in the week.  But I had to tell her I would call her back.  I finished up my business, managed to get the toilet seat partially re-attached, washed my hands and sat down to a great ham dinner.  I told Tonya and Miriana what happened, and Miriana said "Oh, is that the loud noise I heard?"  I confirmed that it was.
So this Christmas will go down as the year that Nanna broke Tonya's toilet seat.
Merry Christmas ( Happy Holidays to all of you who celebrate other holidays at this time of year ).