Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mature women (not)

One of my Facebook friends posted an article about two women, ages 48 and 58, who got into a fight over a man.  Really.  At their ages.  When do we grow out of this ridiculous immature behavior.
Once when I was working at the women's facility, there was a big brawl out on the yard involving a couple of women and their friends.  They fought and hollered at each other.  They all got written up for their behavior.  When they came in for hearings, I looked at the first woman and thought to myself, "Aren't you a little long in the tooth for this silliness?"  The woman had to have been 50 if she was a day.  Same story when the other woman came in.  After the hearings, talked to the sergeant who had reviewed the reports with the prisoners, and told him what I thought.  He said the staff were all joking around about these two old broads acting like jealous teen-agers.  He said they decided they should start a monthly event, called "Over Fifty White Fight Night".  I couldn't help but agree with him.