Monday, February 3, 2014


Yesterday a convicted murderer, four counts, plus arson, escaped from a Michigan prison.
 Some prisoners managed to escape from the prison I worked at over the course of my career there.  There were two guys who hid in a garbage truck, with the garbage.  One of them was serving time for armed robbery, the other for manslaughter, I believe.  They went to a house near the prison and demanded money and clothing, etc.  An elderly couple lived there.  The husband convinced them that he should drive them to Walmart and go in and get the clothes.  The prisoners obviously smelled horrible and would have been extremely noticeable.  The couple also convinced the prisoners to leave the wife at home, pleading a bad heart that could be damaged by excessive stress.  My massage therapist knew the people.  She told me the man was a retired police officer, so he knew how to handle felon types.  The wife was a calm, brave old girl.  As soon as they were out the door, she got on the phone and called the cops, told them exactly where her husband and the escapees were headed.  Their visit to the outside world did not last long.  Police apprehended them later in the day.
Another guy tried to escape in a very clever way.  People must pass through two electronic gates to get outside the fenced area of the prison. I was standing at the electronic gate to go out for my lunch break.  There was a guy behind me in civilian clothes.  Everybody has to show Corrections Department ID or Visitor Pass to get out.  The the officer at the gate asked everybody for ID.  We all held up our cards except for this guy.  He said he was a new employee and did not have his ID yet.  He didn't officer any other type of pass so the officer told him he had to wait.  He called for the gate to close.   When he went back after lunch, he told me the guy was an inmate.  It freaked me out a little because he was less than two feet behind me.  What would have happened if he had a weapon?  I had to give that young gate officer a lot of credit.  He was very calm, very authoritative, followed policy precisely, which prevented an escape.  So good job, CO Long!  I don't usually put names in my posts, but this officer deserved a pat on the back.
There's more but I'll save them for another time.