Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Girls in love

The news is full of stories about Arizona's "no gays allowed" law, and whether Governor Jan Brewer will sign it.   Then there is the hearing going on a Eastern District of Michigan in Detroit.  Two women want to invalidate Michigan's ban on gay marriage so they can get married and adopt each other's children.
It got me thinking about gay couples in prison.
There were male couples but they were mostly unremarkable.  Female couples on the other hand, were crazy, at least the ones I saw were. In a previous post, I described the couple who were advocates of the proposition that couple "who cuts together, stays together".  Little Asia and dominant Candace.  The women knew how to really go for the jugular with each other.  I had one hearing where the more feminine of the two women purposely provoked her girlfriend by leaving a love letter from a previous girlfriend out in the open where she would be sure to see it.  The new girlfriend saw it, beat the snot out of Miss Thing, and then cut off a chunk of her long, curly, beautiful brown hair, right in the front.  Most women believe they have a "best feature".  For this girl, her hair was her crowning glory, literally.  Her partner's act demonstrated a desire to inflict the most pain.  She succeeded.  Of course, this act of cruelty only broke them up temporarily.  Within a few weeks, they were a couple again.  Just goes to show that domestic violence is pretty much the same everywhere.