Monday, January 27, 2014

Let it Snow!

Winter is finally wearing me down.  It has been so cold for so long.  The snow fall already broke the record for January in Michigan.
Many years ago, when I was still working, we had a huge snowstorm.  I tried to drive to work.  It took me 45 minutes to go five miles.  I turned around and went home.  Doesn't take me long to catch on, right?
Other times I did make it to work.  The last few years I struggled more and more with the snow and ice, getting in and out of the buildings to my car.  One morning, I got to work at the women's prison.  The prisoner on work detail had totally cleared the walkways with her shovel.  She scraped away at the last few little snow patches as I approached the building.  I told her what a great job she was doing, that it made me feel safe to walk up to the building.  I said this because it was true.  It made my life so much easier when the snow got cleared.
Another time, I did a visitor restriction hearing on a mother of a female prisoner.  She arrived at a bad time and had to wait a long time.  She got a little short with the front desk officer ( not the regular officer in this position ).  The officer handed her something, or was taking something from her, I don't recall.  But mom kind of snatched at the thing and hit the officer's hand.  The officer wrote up a visitor restriction notice, alleging that mom assaulted her.  At the hearing, mom said she had come in contact with the officer's hand, but she had not intended that.  She and moved too quickly and accidentally hit the officer's hand.  I talked to the regular officer who said that this woman was always polite and never caused any problems.  So I did not continue the restriction.
At the end of the day, as I left for home, I struggled to my car with my walker.  More snow fell that day, covering the parking lot and my car.  The mom and her son, the prisoner's brother, happened to be coming out of the building at about the same time.  They hurried over and helped me clear the snow from my car and made sure I could get out of the parking lot.  Sometimes life is OK.