Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Well, we got hammered by this polar vortex thing.  Late Monday afternoon, our furnace stopped working.  It was running but not blowing out much warm air.  The temperature fell a degree every fifteen or twenty minutes.  So I dragged out our two tiny space heaters.  I like them because they are pretty safe for space heaters.  They plug right into the outlet, no cord to trip over, or for the dogs to chew on.  They have a thermostat so they automatically turn off when the set temperature is reached.  Less likely to cause a fire as long as you don't put stuff too close to it.  I put one in the living room, one in our bedroom.  My grand daughter was on her own!  LOL!  I also turned on the oven ( electric ).  Then the water line to the toilet in the upstairs bathroom froze, so we couldn't flush.  I dragged out my hair dryer, turned it on high and aimed it right at the pipe coming out of the wall.  Getting it set up and aimed right was quite a challenge.  It took about an hour and a half for the pipe to thaw, but it finally did.  I would have gone to bed, but I had to finish watching the Lifetime movie.  About three o'clock I finally turned off the oven, and went to bed.  When I got up this morning, the damn line was frozen again, but I had left the hair dryer in place.  I figured it would happen again since it is going to be just as cold today.  It only took about half an hour to thaw it this time.  I told my husband I would get up early and call the furnace place.  He said he would call right away, Monday evening around 7 or 8 pm.  Someone actually answered the phone and a service guy called back right away.  He came today and fixed the furnace.
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