Thursday, March 6, 2014

More professionals

I keep remembering more instances of professional conduct by Corrections staff.  I did a hearing at the women's facility once.  The young woman prisoner received a misconduct report for Disobeying A Direct Order.  CO Williams wrote her up because she kept edging over toward a fence separating her area from another part of the prisoner.  The prisoners are not supposed to communicate and intermingle with others in separate areas of the prison.
When she came in for her hearing, I was not sure which CO Williams had written the report.  There were three or four of them at this facility.  So I described her:  A tiny little black woman, young, wears her hair in a bun, looks like a pretty little doll?"   The prisoner responded, "Yeah, that's her.  But she isn't no doll.  She;s a pit bull."
I had to share the store with CO Williams.  I told her to keep up the good work.